Ethical Trading Policy
 as part of Noori Halal Butcher Group is a 25 year old ethically operating business. We value our reputation and relationship and it is vital for us to maintain good ethical standards with our stakeholders, employees, customers, suppliers and the wider community.

Our ethical processes and procedures ensures that anyone in contact with our business in any level is ensured with trust and confidence in the product and services we provide.

Our ethical policies are not just words, but also the foundation in which we operate our business. Our general staff, directors and suppliers are trained constantly with their ethical practices in our industry. We ensure this by training and building procedures within the business with a high moral compass and ethical standing.

To ensure the effectiveness and deployment of our ethical processes we have KPIs and also disciplinary processes in place upon our staff, suppliers, the wider community that we work with. Any breach of ethical code of conduct within as part of Noori Halal Butchers is taken very seriously and all such matters are dealt with directly with higher management.

Higher management contact details:

- - Please address Mr. M. A. Nasim - MD/Owner of as part of Noori Halal Butcher Group

For 25 years our employees have consistently shown their dedication, skill and quality in developing great business relationships with customers and our suppliers. Our suppliers have constantly kept up with quality standards that we require to deliver the great service we provide our customers.

Our Ethical Policy

Towards Customers

As a business that has been operating for 25 years in the fresh produce industry, there is no doubt that the most critical element of us sustaining the longevity of our business is critically down the integrity that we uphold in dealing with our customers.

This business to customer relationship is the most vital and key factor in our success and it is the foundation of our business.

To provide such integrity we take the following steps:

-          Consistent quality, reliability, and safety

-          Great value and competitive pricing

-          Keeping to national and international standards for food safety and hygiene

-          Sourcing products with certification, accreditation, and transparency

-          Giving accurate and non-misleading descriptions/promises of our products or services

-          We will not knowingly provide any products or services that are harmful to our customers or advertise, communicate any overstatements which may lead to harm, untrustworthiness, or tainting of our company image

-          We will provide high standard of pre-sale, during sale and after sale service to maintain customer satisfaction to the very end

-          We have zero tolerance for bribe or favoritism within our enterprise

Supplier Relations and Third-Party

Our suppliers are our asset. We take this relationship of businesses with us at as part of Noori Halal Butchers very seriously and promise to work and develop good relationships moving forward. We have consistent accounting processes that ensure our suppliers are paid and treated fairly within the agreed time provided upon invoicing.

We do not tolerate any suppliers to unethically correspond to our employees with a non- professional or outlined mannered by the company’s higher management.

To keep our relation with our suppliers fair and just we follow the following principles:

-          Our employees should never be given any gifts or favours from our supplier

-          No supplier should use non ethical competitional pricing to gain access to our business with them

-          All suppliers must correspond to and Noori halal butchers in the manner outlined upon agreement of supply

-          Any changes made in quality, price or item integrity by the supplier will not be tolerated.


In any industry of business there will be competition and as part of Noori Halal Butchers is entitled to compete vigorously with our competitors upon pricing, product quality and services. However, we at as part of Noori Halal Butchers remain to keep a high moral compass and will not sabotage or discredit our competition and only compete honestly.

We have the following processes in place to uphold ethical competition:

-          We will not contact any competitors employees or staff members inappropriately or to discuss any business matter without prior notifying the competitor management team

-          We will not try to seek information about competitor dealings in a distributable manner

-          We will not damage competitor reputation neither directly or by indirect means/marketing

We are strict on industrial espionage, obtaining confidential competitor information, communicating non-substantial claims to competitor customers or/and hiring of any competitor employees with the intention of seeking information

Our company wants to trade fairly with nonrestrictive trade practices without abuse or seeking market domination.

Government and Local Community

We at as part of Noori Halal Butcher have a great trust worthy and ethical relationship with our local government and the greater local community. We have served with our upmost integrity to our community with our product and services for up to 25 years and we wish to continue to do so.

We ensure our local community and local and greater government with the following practices:

-          A high quality of good and services with efficiently and ethically tackling issues

-          Sustaining local jobs and a fair profitable gain with our pricing structure

-          Providing our staff growth opportunities and a family based work environment

Compliance and Verification

The company’s auditors may be asked to report on any practice they discover in the course of their work which appears to breach the company’s code of business ethics. 


Yours sincerely,

Onlinemeatshop Management Team